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Montgomery County Public Safety Headquarters

Project Location

Montgomery County, MD
United States

Project Owner

Schneider Electric

Project Type

Energy Grid

“The PEER certification of our advanced microgrid at the PSHQ in Montgomery County, Maryland is strong validation of Schneider Electric’s dedication to helping communities achieve sustainable power performance. With our trusted partner Duke Energy Renewables, our Microgrids-as-a-Service offering is helping companies and communities develop a roadmap for more sustainable energy usage and to have further autonomy of their energy usage.”

– Mark Feasel, vice president, Utility Segment, Smart Grid & Microgrid, Schneider Electric.

In February 2017, Schneider Electric and Duke Energy Renewables announced an agreement to build an advanced microgrid that will provide ensure more resilient and efficient power at the Montgomery County, Maryland, Public Safety Headquarters (PSHQ). The PSHQ is receiving upgrades in infrastructure, as well as clean on-site power generation through a solar energy system and natural gas generators that enable uninterrupted public services during emergencies. The microgrid also has “island mode operation,” which allows facilities to separate from the electric grid and continue to operate at, or near normal, capacity during power outages.

The microgrid is funded by Schneider Electric's innovative Microgrid-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model, which is allowing Montgomery County to complete construction at the PSHQ without any upfront costs. The county has a special power purchase agreement to help pay for the microgrid through lower cost, clean energy generation.

Schneider Electric is playing a comprehensive role in designing and implementing this solution, including: microgrid protection control and optimization, electrical equipment, distributed energy resource (DER) management, electrical design services, cybersecurity and network design. Duke Energy Renewables will own the microgrid, and its affiliate, REC Solar, will build the solar system. Schneider Electric will also assist Duke Energy Renewables in the operation of the microgrids.