Preventing damage to energy infrastructure through PEER

Preventing damage to energy infrastructure through PEER

Electricity infrastructure is often susceptible to external environmental factors and exposure that can cause damage. From tree contact and animal intrusions to fire and weather-related events, these factors can impact the resilience and reliability of power systems.

The damage that power interruptions cause, from a practical and economic perspective, is a key concern for customers, businesses and communities. A GBCI technical paper, Preventing Damage and Exposure of Energy Infrastructure Through PEER Strategies, was presented at India Smart Grid Week in March and provides key takeaways to help reduce exposure.

The paper outlines

  • Common types of external environmental factors that make electricity infrastructure susceptible.
  • How PEER is providing guidance to overcome these challenges.
  • Examples of global blackout events and how PEER can help reduce their impact.
  • Research reports that indicate the benefits of undergrounding to reduce frequency and duration of interruptions and create economic value.

The paper is available on the PEER Resources page.

Download the paper