About PEER

Supporting grid modernization efforts worldwide

PEER is the first ever rating system that drives market transformation in the power and energy sectors. The program translates the goals of resiliency, sustainable power delivery and environmental impact reduction into a third-party, metrics-based certification program.

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PEER certification

Demonstrate your project's value with PEER

PEER is a rating system that evaluates a power system’s performance across four categories:

Reliability and resilience
Reliability and resiliency
Operations, safety and maintenance
Operations, management and safety
Energy efficiency and environment
Energy efficiency and environment
Grid services
Grid services


PEER can be utilized for a variety of power systems, including: campuses, microgrids, critical infrastructure, an entire city's grid and a utility territory.

How PEER works

Projects can become certified by achieving a minimum set of requirements and score under the PEER rating system. There are four levels of certification, designating how well a project is performing. PEER certification can become a tool with which to demonstrate value to investors, identify opportunities for improvement and implement those (including through clean energy procurement), and drive larger market change.


Registration for all project types: $1,200
Certification: $8,000


The PEER Guide to Certification (PDF, online) leads project teams through the PEER process. This resource includes important information regarding the PEER certification program including the current policies and procedures.

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PEER is working with a variety of energy stakeholders to ensure that this program transforms the power sector as LEED transformed the building sector. If you are interested in contributing to this movement, we want to hear from you. To learn more about PEER or begin working on a PEER Project, please email peer@gbci.org.