USGBC and demand response: Demand response partnership program case studies

USGBC and demand response: Demand response partnership program case studies

This article is the last installment in a four-part series about demand response.

As part of the Demand Response Partnership Program (DRPP), USGBC and the Environmental Defense Fund—with support from our utility sponsors and technology sponsors—performed outreach to LEED-certified buildings and those seeking LEED certification to raise awareness and drive adoption of demand response through outreach, research and education.

DRPP participants provided detailed energy use data and completed several surveys on their experiences with demand response. We followed up with several projects for more detailed conversations, and the case studies below describe demand response participation at two of them.

TriCentre at 333 Anita

TriCentre is managed by Davis Partners and is located in Orange, California. In 2013, TriCentre took advantage of a significant Southern California Edison (SCE) incentive to install and test demand response-enabling technology, including the LOBOS software by Enerliance. With the improvements in place, TriCentre was able to shed, on average, 49.5 kW per DR event. Going forward, the team at TriCentre estimates demand response revenue of about $500/year, not including electricity cost savings.

Read the full case study.

Bayview Corporate Centre

Bayview is managed by CB Richard Ellis and is located in Newport Beach, California. Bayview participates in SCE’s Demand Bidding Program using Enerliance’s LOBOS software. In 2013, Bayview received a $67,000 technology incentive from SCE for demonstrating automated demand response capabilities. Over the course of the DR season, the team at Bayview shed 35.8 kW per DR event, on average.

Read the full project profile.

About this Series

This article is part of a four-part series about demand response and the Demand Response Partnership Program: 

  1. Piloting demand response in LEED
  2. Understanding participant experience and perceptions
  3. Quantifying the impacts of demand response
  4. Implementing demand response: Case studies

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