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Electric Plant Board of the City of Glasgow, KY

Project Location

United States

Project Owner

City of Glasgow

Project Type

Energy Grid

The Glasgow Electric Plant Board project is a part of the overall vision and direction of this municipally owned utility serving 15,000 residents of Glasgow, Kentucky. For over thirty years EPB has been pushing to evolve the century-old electric utility model into something more sustainable and beneficial to the community it serves.

Beginning in 1988, EPB invested in the construction of a robust broadband network in parallel to its electric grid, with the vision that a modernized electric grid would require a broadband grid as well. The ability to move massive amounts of data among all elements of the Glasgow grid enabled Advanced Metering Infrastructure and high-speed communications between all grid devices and, the coming Internet of Things (IOT), making all electric load on the Glasgow grid monitorable and controllable in real-time.

Glasgow discovered that load shape can be altered through the use of modernized retail rates (made possible by AMI) and WiFi based control of various appliances and storage devices. A refined and improved load shape means fewer generation resources are necessary to serve Glasgow, dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and capturing more money in the local economy as monthly wholesale demand charges are reduced.