Online Training On Demand: Certification for Campus Electrical Infrastructure

Online Training On Demand: Certification for Campus Electrical Infrastructure

Buildings are the leading consumers of electricity worldwide, averaging 40% of our global consumption. Our access to that electricity is what keeps our businesses, homes and communities functioning – it is an essential component to keeping our day-to-day lives up and running.
For larger campuses like hospitals, universities and IT parks, the resilience and reliability of our utilities is of particular importance. That is why PEER version 2 was created for campuses, cities, utilities and transit systems to evaluate their power system performance, demonstrate their sustainable electrical infrastructure, and ensure that larger systems can rise to meet any challenge.
Campus stakeholders -- project owners, facility teams, utility service providers, power system consultants and more – can now access this on demand training from the PEER team to learn how the PEER v2 rating system can help build utility reliability and help achieve sustainable energy goals.
PEER V2 Certification for Campus Electrical Infrastructure Improvement
Access the On Demand Online Training
In this online training, you’ll learn about:

  • PEER v2 rating system and credit requirements
  • Benefits that PEER offers to campuses
  • Process of Certification
  • Case studies and best practices

Speakers include:

  • Mili Majumdar, Managing Director, GBCI India and SVP, USGBC
  • Ishaq Sulthan, Associate Director, GBCI India

Learn how to improve the resilience and resiliability of your campus. You also have the ability to earn a Continuing Education (CE) credit and certificate after taking part through the USGBC Education Portal.
Do you have more questions about how campuses can use PEER to achieve their goals? Reach out to the PEER team directly at