Now available: Precertification and recertification for all PEER projects

Now available: Precertification and recertification for all PEER projects


PEER is the world’s first rating system that measures and improves power system performance and electricity infrastructure. PEER certification signifies that a system is resilient in the face of disasters, reliable in its ability to meet every day needs and sustainable as it prioritizes efficiency and mitigates the impacts of climate risk.

PEER is a leadership standard that recognizes industry leaders for improving efficiency, day-to-day reliability and overall resiliency. However, leadership is not confined to the moment of certification. The lifecycle of a project provides several opportunities to demonstrate leadership, from design, planning, implementation, to operations and ongoing maintenance.

To support the entire project life-cycle, GBCI is now offering PEER Precertification and PEER Recertification to engage with and recognize projects throughout their PEER journey.

PEER Precertification

Precertification is an optional step toward PEER certification, that enables projects to obtain recognition for the characteristics of Design and Construction that contribute to the reliability and resilience of power systems. PEER Precertification is applicable to all project types (campuses, cities and utilities, and transit) and has different levels of certification. Precertification can help owners demonstrate their commitment to reliable power supply to consumers, attract potential stakeholders and financiers and provide increased opportunities to access to infrastructure funds. Learn more about the precertification process by reviewing the PEER Precertification Guidance, which outlines more details about the process.

PEER Recertification

Recertification recognizes projects that engage in a continuous improvement process and demonstrate leadership after achieving PEER Certification by maintaining or improving their electrical and power systems. PEER certified projects may recertify by providing annual performance data demonstrating that the project continues to meet the rating system requirements. Projects may also recertify and pursue additional points to upgrade their previous certification level gaining increased recognition. To learn more about the requirements and process refer to the PEER Certification Maintenance and Recertification Guidance document.

PEER can guide you at any stage of your project life cycle to improve your power systems performance and help in making your journey towards achieving a sustainable and resilient grid within your reach. Join us today for market transformation towards building a new generation power grid.