GBCI Announces SC as First Leading Partner for PEER Program

GBCI Announces SC as First Leading Partner for PEER Program

<p>p style="text-align: center;"strongGBCI Announces SC as First Leading Partner for PEER Program /strong/p<br />
p style="text-align: center;"strongemPEER aims to transform the way power systems are designed and evaluated/em/strong/p<br />
pWashington, D.C. ndash; Nov. 18, 2015 ndash; Today, Green Business Certification Inc.rsquo;s (GBCI) announces SC Electric Company, smart grid leader, as the first Leading Partner for the Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER) program. PEER is the driving force behind USGBCrsquo;s vision to transform power systems, it is the nationrsquo;s first comprehensive, data-driven approach to evaluating and improving power system performance. 
/p<br />
pAdministered by GBCI, the PEER program is a comprehensive framework for defining, assessing and verifying the overall sustainable performance of electricity delivery system design and operations. The standards enable project teams to assess their current state, develop strategies for improvement, improve the business case and verify the value of system changes./p<br />
pAs a leading partner, SC will have the opportunity to be a part of the first class of any future PEER education offerings and provide input. SC will also have the opportunity to collaborate on training materials and the PEER credential program./p<br />
pldquo;By improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts we will transform the efficiency and effectiveness of electricity systems and take PEER to the next level,rdquo; said Mahesh Ramanujam, chief operating officer of USGBC and president of GBCI. ldquo;USGBC and GBCI are excited to work with SC to collaborate on this groundbreaking certification program that will position GBCI as leader in sustainable electricity.rdquo;/p<br />
pPEERrsquo;s goal is to have meaningful impacts over four outcomes: 
/p<br />
ul<br />
listrongReliability and resiliency/strongmdash;Ensures the reliable delivery of electricity and reduce injuries, interruptions and power quality issues./li<br />
listrongEnergy efficiency and environment/strongmdash;Assesses the environmental impact of electricity generation and transmission and encourage the adoption of clean and efficient energy./li<br />
listrongOperational effectiveness/strongmdash;Leverages value gap analysis to identify and eliminate waste./li<br />
listrongConsumer contribution/strongmdash;Assesses customer contribution to grid service, investment and innovation./li<br />
/ul<br />
pldquo;As our energy landscape continues to evolve and change, and cities continue to embrace new technologies like solar, energy storage and microgrids, it is crucial to create tools to benchmark the performance of these power systems,rdquo; said David Chiesa, senior director, Business Development at SC Electric Company. ldquo;We are proud to have had a part in the creation of PEER and will continue to work alongside USGBC and GBCI to have utilities, cities and other power customers achieve PEER certification.rdquo;/p<br />
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