Webinar: Energy resiliency with PEER through state and local partnerships

Published on: 
4 Feb 2019
Sarah Stanley

Communities across the United States are looking for ways to improve the sustainability and resiliency of their power and electricity infrastructure. In 2018, the USGBC Kentucky community worked with the state’s Energy and Environment Cabinet to create a unique opportunity to use PEER certification to meet ambitious energy goals across three different projects: a municipal utility, a rural electrical cooperative and Fort Knox.

On Thursday, Feb. 14 at 1 p.m. EST, we will present the webinar "Case Study on a State-PEER Partnership for Utility and Grid Resilience." Hear how this unique partnership came together and how it can be expanded to more communities across the U.S.

You’ll learn

  • About PEER certification and how it supports resilient energy goals,
  • How the partnership between Kentucky and PEER developed and was implemented, and
  • How other states and USGBC communities can replicate this effort.

Speakers include:

  • Kenya Stump, assistant director, Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet–Office of Energy Policy
  • Jamie Statter, vice president, PEER

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Watch this short video to see how PEER and Kentucky worked together and how validating performance will help drive resilient and sustainable electricity infrastructure locally, regionally and nationally.

Register for the webinar