Pioneers of PEER: The upper limits of performance with Paul O'Neill [podcast]

Published on: 
29 Feb 2016
Kunal Gulati

The Pioneers of PEER podcast series, hosted by John Kelly, is dedicated to professionals spearheading sustainable energy delivery initiatives within the electricity sector.

The series gives an overview of PEER, a new sustainable design and rating system for power systems at USGBC. Each episode provides the listener with insight into the electricity sector through the perspective of thought leaders in the industry.

Paul O’Neill, a visionary and former colleague of Bob Galvin (son of Motorola founder Paul Galvin, CEO of Motorola from 1959 to 1986 and founder of the Galvin Electricity Initiative), is featured in episode 4 of Pioneers of PEER. He speaks to the essence of transforming sustainable design through gap analysis, awarding points and discovering the upper limit of performance. In addition, he discusses and builds on his own diverse expertise in industries around the world on performance excellence.

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