Pioneers of PEER: S&C Electric with John Estey and John Kelly [podcast]

Published on: 
26 Aug 2015
Kunal Gulati

Pioneers of PEER podcast is a series dedicated to professionals spearheading sustainable energy delivery initiatives within the electricity sector, hosted by John Kelly.

Pioneers of PEER gives an overview to Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER), a new sustainable design and rating system. Each episode hopes to provide the listener with insight into the electricity sector through the perspective of thought-leaders in the industry.

This week, we features John Estey, CEO of S&C Electric Company, discussing practical application of PEER at S&C first hand and its impact on electricity professionals around the country. John Kelly speaks with Mr. Estey on knowing that S&C, like Motorola during his tenure, thrived by being an innovator. In fact, innovation at S&C seems to be accelerating with recently released products including IntelliRupter®, Pulse Closer®, Vista® Switchgear, and Scada-mate® software just to name a few.

As the series continues, expect to hear from key decision makers and executives from around the country to help change the way we talk about electricity sustainability.

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